What Enables A Smart Home?

02.07.21 11:00 AM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

The concept of smart home has been a paradigm shift in modern day homes. It has introduced home owners to convenience by automating lights, keeping room temperature in check, and controlling the security systems. However, there is a clear distinction between having smart home gadgets and experiencing smart living. Smart home automation has been redefined to include an ecosystem that’s truly connected, which works in complete harmony to offer a smart home experience. 

Smart-enabled homes function differently than the usual smart home. In order to understand the difference, let us first understand what a smart home is. A smart home refers to a setup of smart home devices that are centrally controlled and interconnected to other devices. On the other hand, a smart-enabled home doesn’t just let you control but also communicates, sends you alerts, and tracks in real-time. This feature of smart-enabled homes is what sets it apart in the field of home automation.

But what is it that enables a smart home? The key function that’s missing from smart homes is the ability to provide personalisation and control over the level of smartness. To initiate an integrated smart living experience, a smart-enabled device is what you need. These smart-enabled devices become your home away from home in every sense and ensure security even while you’re away. So, it doesn't matter where you go as safety never leaves your side. 

Tigon recognised the need to develop such integrated home solutions that can lead us to a ‘smarter’ smart home and has introduced a range of smart-enabled devices. These devices are one of its kind and have been made available for the first time in India. Enabling these smart home gadgets makes way for a personalised user experience where the prime focus is on providing home security. These smart-enabled devices notify you in real-time whenever security is being compromised. When you’re aware about these safety concerns, your homes become safer and your life becomes stress-free. After all, who wouldn't mind receiving timely alerts on their smartphone about their home safety? 

Living in a Tigon smart-enabled home has its own perks! So, let’s get the conversation started. Connect with us on support@tigon.one or call us on 1800 102 3271 right away to enable smart living with our smart-enabled home automation devices.         

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