Take A Break From Technology And Embrace Life!

10.07.21 01:00 PM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

The impact that technology has had on our lives is undeniable. It has connected us in ways like never before. Making optimal use of technology in this super-connected world can be tricky. You need to be more careful while using technology in your daily lives as it may spiral out of your control and affect your quality of life. To resolve this, one has to take some time off the grid by unplugging the technology. This simple act of pulling the plug might serve as an incredible digital detox.

● Disconnect to reconnect

Don’t we all wish to go back to simpler times when technology didn’t rule us? Although technology has made our lives easier, everyone needs to take a break from it once in a while. It’s a proven fact that staying away from technology is quite beneficial. Disconnecting from technology allows your mind and body to relax and rejuvenate. It also works wonders in creating a healthier lifestyle. As they say, it’s important to disconnect to reconnect with oneself!

●  Stress, what’s that?

Technology is bound to flood you with overwhelming information that’s enough to cause you stress. Unplugging from technology gives your brain a healthy restart as there’s nothing troubling you anymore. You can use this time to slow down and live in the present moment rather than bothering about things. 

●  Maximum productivity, maximum life

Constant use of technology distracts you from everyday tasks and makes you lose focus. In order to make your day more productive, a technology detox is a must. Pulling the plug from technology essentially improves your attention and concentration. This increase in focus affects your productivity and helps you finish everyday tasks faster than usual.

Mind-full living

Technology keeps us vary of all the little things going on around us. But now since there’s nothing to disturb your attention, it’s easier for you to enable a mindful life. Disconnecting from technology can take you closer to all those moments of joy you might have missed out on before. This is yet another reason why digital detox is important to savour the experience of living in the present.

●  Bring that much-needed sleep back

Giving your body a break from technology also has noticeable effects on your sleep. Keeping technology at a distance betters your sleep cycle and improves your body’s natural rhythm as opposed to the excessive tech outburst which causes a lack of sleep.

Although the technology we use at home doesn’t really allow us to be in complete control of our surroundings, Tigon smart-enabled technology does otherwise. Our smart-enabled devices offer you the power to unplug and unwind whenever you feel like. You can exercise power over smartness by pulling off the plug from our smart home devices which are available for the first time in India. For more information on our smart-enabled home devices, connect with us on 1800 102 3271.

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