Stress Free Home Management Is The Future

16.06.21 05:30 PM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

Home is where you want to feel the most relaxed. Your home should be your comfort zone without unwanted stress or constant worrying. But this might not be the case for most people. We can understand that home management and family management are not easy. It comes with a lot of responsibility and a certain amount of stress as well.

As of February 2021, statistics indicate that 82 per cent of Indians are stressed out and 88 per cent are dealing with various levels of anxiety. The pandemic induced lockdown has compelled us to stay home or indoors to combat spreading the virus. The amount of time we spend at home, running our house and family has increased.

Home Management and Stress

Well, a little bit of stress can help you be on your toes, stay focused and increase productivity at home or work. It aids in overcoming challenges by channelising the stress into the efforts you put in. But in today’s hectic world, there is a need to make our home management routine much more stress-free.

Right from buying groceries, cooking meals and consuming basic commodities to paying monthly bills, working from home and managing finances, we need help. While we use technology for the smooth running and functioning of our smart homes, we can go a step further to reduce our efforts. Tigon smart-enabled homes integrate digital devices that can make our lives easier.

Stress-Free Tigon Smart-Enabled Homes

Tigon smart-enabled home is a significant contribution to home automation and home security systems. With a single plug-and-play digital device, you can make your already smart home into a smart-enabled home. It is designed with cutting-edge technology to ensure data security and privacy alongside enhancing mental health and well-being because nothing is more important than your peace of mind, right?

Let’s see what all a Tigon smart-enabled home does:

1. It keeps a check on the electricity (power) and water being consumed at home by learning your usage habits. This ensures sufficiency as well as prepares you for a rainy day, just in case!

2. It accesses lights, telephones, DTH television cable and WiFi or Internet Service Provider (ISP) to check the bills from home itself and pay them on the due date automatically at the click of a button.

3. It notifies when you’re running out of groceries or essential supplies by gathering information about the number of eggs or amount of butter, vegetables, etc. in the refrigerator.

4. It saves data if there’s a visitor at your door when you are away and alerts you when they arrive or leave. It also lets you have a conversation with the visitor in case of urgency, thus enforcing a home security system.

5. It detects faults in machines and notifies you well in advance. This way you can schedule repairs or renovation in an organized manner with your weekly or monthly activities.

6. Tigon home server also comes with a built-in fintech platform to allow you access banking transactions and procedures, mutual funds, health insurance and life insurance.

All these functions paint a picture of a secure home that you always want to reduce or deal with stress. To know more about Tigon smart-enabled homes, write to us at or call us on 1800 102 3271.

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