Stay Close To The Family With Tigon Smart-Enabled Homes

16.06.21 05:30 PM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

Since times immemorial, homes have been a place where individuals seek comfort. However, this has now become a thing of the past. Homes today have become synonymous with family. With changing times, home owners were introduced to the concept of smart home technology which attempted to provide this sense of belongingness along with giving a helping hand to the entire family by making home management less worrisome. 

Family first technology

Thanks to the family first technology, homes are no longer restricted to being merely a meeting ground for members in the family. Smart homes have allowed everyone to be connected with their families virtually through video calls, voice messaging, and whatnot. Whether it is a celebratory event or an update from your life, it has become easier to communicate with the use of technology at home.

Smart-enabled homes and Tigon

The family smart home made the flow of communication much smoother. There was, however, a catch- it wasn’t secure. The transfer of data between the two parties wasn’t encrypted and the user couldn’t protect his privacy. That’s where we stepped in! Tigon believed that a smart home should offer families a sense of control over their lives and thus, the concept of smart-enabled homes came into existence. The Tigon smart-enabled homes ensured data privacy and security while easing the burden of their daily life. 

Living in a Tigon smart-enabled home is all about capturing special moments, making memories, and cherishing familial bonds without any third-party interference. Enabled with family first technology, the smart-enabled homes keep the entire family safe without compromising on privacy and security. Since it operates on a plug-and-play mechanism, a user can level up the security whenever they feel like. The smart security system keeps unwanted intruders at bay and makes your home become fully protected. 

Staying connected

Although convenience and security are the primary reasons why people prefer getting a smart home for their family, the element of being connected always should also be factored upon. The Tigon smart-enabled homes help a family remain closely knit by providing a safe space for spending quality time together. It also ensures that the data being transferred is end-to-end encrypted and can only be accessed by members of the family with an authorization key. Moreover, personal data doesn’t ever leave the family home and is stored securely on home servers. 

The future of smart home technology is here and how! Tigon smart-enabled homes don't just allow you to live better but also be stress-free about data security and privacy. And that’s not all! There’s an endless list of advantages of living in a Tigon smart-enabled home. If you wanna know about them, connect with us at or call us on 1800 102 3271.           

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