Reimagining The Three Pillars Of Tigon

24.09.21 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

It’s a dynamic world that we live in. Every single thing changes shape and transforms itself with every passing second. This also applies to the world of technology where constant change is inevitable. A tech that’s in the news today is bound to be reimagined later. Times have changed and so has Tigon! To align our futuristic vision, core values, and philosophy to the changing times, we thought of reimagining the 3 pillars that Tigon stands by. Here’s how these 3 pillars of Tigon look like now:

1. Transparency About The Tech Behind Tigon

Our intent to provide smart living solutions is currently being driven by innovation. This has led us to develop the new technology with Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Long Range Technique (LoRa), and data encryption systems at its forefront. The tech behind Tigon has been mastered to reflect care and concern, improve communication, and establish a connect between humans and technology.

Unlike others, Tigon believes in building futuristic technology with a purpose. All our efforts culminate into the development of tech that adds value to people’s life by simplifying their tasks, making them stress-free, offering them a sense of control, and inculcating smartness. Tigon continues to remain accountable in its ventures and this is what sets us apart! 

2. Reliability In Terms Of Safety And Smartness

If there’s something Tigon takes pride in, it is the aspect of being reliable. You can completely entrust your safety and rely on our smartness without thinking twice about it. The team at Tigon prioritises the use of the new smart technology to help you deal with personal safety and well-being. And wouldn’t it be a joy when there’s nothing to be worried about? 

Be it automating your homes to giving you absolute control of your life, Tigon has got your back! Experiencing wholesome living is possible only when we’re around. No matter what, Tigon stands true to the test of reliability!

3. Security With Data Protection And Privacy

Your privacy matters to us. We have always made it a point to safeguard your data and protect your privacy through secure networks. That being said, Tigon also considers itself responsible for the security of its users. We are taking strides into creating digital infrastructures for the safe storage and processing of user data and privacy. 

Tigon has clearly defined its privacy policy and encryption measures thereby giving a glimpse of how seriously we take security. And it doesn’t stop here! Our long-term plan involves making India a data secure nation. The journey towards a cyber secure, digitally aware, and secure India has initiated with new technologieslike integrated smart-enabled devices. 


With these 3 pillars in place, Tigon is now ready to take charge by leveraging its futuristic technology and value offerings. Stay tuned with us as there’s so much more we’re about to unfold. To know more about us, call us on 1800 102 3271 or email us at

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