How To Save Water At Home?

08.07.21 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

One can survive on minimal resources but there ain’t anybody who can survive without water. It’s an essential element for the existence of life. Although available in abundance on planet earth, this natural resource is now gradually getting depleted due to excessive consumption. This has brought about a severe water crisis not just in our country but all over the globe. We might undergo water shortage in the near future if necessary steps aren’t taken to conserve water.

Water conservation seems to be the only possible solution which can help alleviate the impending water crisis. We, as a community, need to think about how we can conserve water and do our best to minimise the wastage. Here are a few tips on how to conserve water that we should all follow at home. These simple things can prove helpful in conserving water and saving natural resources. Let’s get to know what they are.

●  Say no to long showers

You won’t find anyone in this whole wide world who doesn’t like taking long showers.  However, it’s evident that the water consumption per day is 17 gallons on average for every long shower you take. This means that the more time you stay under the shower, the more water you tend to use. As an effective way to save water at home, you can keep your shower time to less than 5 minutes. This small act of yours can save upto 70 litres of water per shower. 

●  Don’t keep the tap running while brushing or washing your hands

Ask yourself this question- Do you tend to leave the tap open while brushing your teeth or washing hands? If you answered yes, then you ought to change this particular habit immediately. It’s estimated that almost 20 litres of water can be saved every day if we simply turn off the tap and stop the water from going down the drain while brushing and washing our hands.

●  Fix the leaking taps immediately

Apart from turning off taps when not in use, you should keep an eye on any leaking taps, pipes, or toilets. Remember that every drop counts. Getting a leaking tap repaired can add up to your combined savings which is around 75 litres every day. Isn’t it a huge contribution to the water conservation efforts? We certainly think it is!

●  Water your lawn on alternate days

The water used for the lawns is often wasted due to evaporation, misdirected pipes/sprinklers or over-watering. What we can do to save water at home is reduce the water usage. Instead of doing it on a daily basis, lawns can be watered every alternate day in a week. This can significantly bring down the water consumption per day.

●  Install a smart device to track your water usage

Water conservation would only be possible if you’re aware about the daily water consumption. Wouldn’t it be great to have a smart device keeping a track of this? Our smart-enabled water flow meter and water level indicator has been built specifically to address this need. This plug and play device tracks water consumption and water level in real-time while giving you regular updates about the current water flow rate. It also provides data of the varying water consumption and water level in a day, week, or month.

We, at Tigon, know that water conservation is the need of the hour. These smart-enabled devices ensure that every household saves as much water as possible. All you need to do to save resources is to take control with Tigon! Get started with the savings by contacting us on 1800 102 3271 or write to us at

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