How Do Smart Enabled Devices Keep You In Command?

11.07.21 11:00 PM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

Every home is considered to be a castle by those who reside in it. A castle that needs to be guarded from intruders especially when you’re away. If you’ve also wished to keep a watchful eye on your home whilst you’re away from it, the smart security feature of home automation systems can prove helpful. These home automation systems include various types of smart devices that automate tasks like switching off the lights, thermostat control, surveillance, and so on. Almost everything in your house is connected to a centralised system that works in complete coordination to ease your living.

These interconnected smart home devices have revolutionised the home automation industry but what it lacks is the smart control over our homes. It’s your house, you should be the one making rules and not the other way round. So why not establish ownership and take control of your life by using smart-enabled devices. Unlike other home automation technology, smart-enabled devices let you be in control of your house. Be it monitoring the security systems to ensuring absolute privacy, smart-enabled devices keep you in command always. These devices offer much better control for home automation compared to the usual smart home devices in India. Read on to know how.

●  Your house, your rules   

With smart-enabled devices, you get to set the level of smartness of every single device operating in your house. Light bulbs, fans, locks, surveillance cameras, TVs, speakers- you name it. Everything comes under your rightful command.

●  Pulling the plug made possible   

We’ve already seen technology overpowering mankind and frisking control of our lives. But then we have such devices that allow you to pull the plug. It may sound unreal but is in fact possible! Smart-enabled devices provide you the option of disconnecting the device or toning down the smartness whenever you feel like. 

●  Put yourself in the driving seat

Smart-enabled devices become your home away from home. Equipped with smart controls, the devices can be controlled and configured at the tap of a button. Controlling your smart home wouldn’t have sounded this easy until now, right?

When one speaks of smart-enabled devices integrated to the home automation system, Tigon doesn’t go unmentioned. It has become the first choice for homeowners who wish to experience smart living with guaranteed data privacy and data security. Tigon’s integrated home solutions also make it possible for you to establish ownership over your house. Want to know more about it? Give us a call on 1800 102 3271 and we’ll be glad to assist you. Stay tuned to read more about our smart-enabled devices at

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