How to Enjoy (not just survive) A Family Road Trip

09.01.21 08:00 AM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

Road trips can never go out of fashion considering how everyone loves it. While planning a family outing, a road trip is a preferred choice. And why not? What can be better than the joy of a long drive with our loved ones . Now is the perfect time to plan such a trip as the holiday season is just around the corner. We’re sure most of you would have already gotten busy organising stuff to do on a road trip, packed your trunk with the road trip essentials, food and the smart tracker Tigon to keep you safe. But are these enough to kill the boredom? Well, we think not! Family road trips need to be planned to perfection to ensure so that they become cherished memories for years to come. One of the biggest fun spoilers is boredom which can hit the family at any point of time during the trip. So, before you get irritated with the backseat moaning and groaning, here are some tips to keep in mind so that you enjoy and not just survive the road trip with your family. 

1. Try the musical way

Road trips are incomplete without a playlist specially curated for the occasion. It sets the mood right, gets you grooving in no time. Become a CJ (Car Jockey) and delight your audience with a road trip playlist that has everyone’s favourites in it . Yes, this will need some planning and compilation a day prior.Their smiles and laughter will be your prize. Once your playlist is done, just turn up the volume and prepare to sing your hearts out!

2. Smart snacking

Skip those pit stops along the highway and avoid drive-thru restaurants by packing healthier homemade food. Remember road trips can turn into a disaster with an upset stomach so the snacks need to be light and digestible. You can include a mix of veggies, dry fruits, cookies, granola bars, fruits, and candies. Don’t forget to pack water bottles, and juices in order to stay hydrated. If there are kids around, ensure that you have car-friendly snacks. You can always throw in special treats at regular intervals to avoid their constant cribbing. Stock up enough food that your family can munch on and lasts for an entire road trip.

3. Strategic seating

Where you sit is more important than what you do during the road trip. Make strategic seating decisions before you get into the car to avoid fights later. Children tend to enjoy themselves by the window seat so assign them seats accordingly. Ensure that there’s an adult sitting beside them to look after their safety while Tigon keeps an eye on your safety. 

4. Stretching breaks

Halt at as many places as possible to stretch your legs and back after a long drive. Plan the pit stops in advance so that everyone in your family knows exactly when the next break is. Take turns to drive so that everyone gets to relax and enjoy themselves equally. 

5. Stay calm 

Things are not always smooth as planned while on a road trip but always make sure you stay calm. Don’t lose your cool even if an unforeseen event occurs like bursting of a car tyre, engine stopping to respond, or batteries die suddenly.If you use Tigon, there’s nothing to be worried about as the chances of such situations occurring are minimalised to a great extent. 


While you spend quality time with your loved ones on the family road trip, Tigon looks after your car and informs you if something goes wrong. Incidents like car breakdowns and engine failures can be avoided with Tigon by your side. #TrackYourTripping with Tigon on your next family road trip by getting in touch with us on or 1800 102 3271.

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