How To Identify And Break Bad Driving Habits

13.12.20 10:00 AM Comment(s) By Tigon Team

Driving in a traffic jam is irritating but what’s more annoying is being in the same lane as a reckless driver. Serious outcomes are bound to follow if the driver ahead or behind you is driving irresponsibly. Before you end up in trouble, you need to stay aware of such drivers. To begin with, one needs to identify what these are. So, , let’s quickly dive into some of the most common . 

Tailgating - Have you ever had a car behind you, which is too close for comfort? Well, this means that you’ve already been tailgated! You can avoid getting involved in a crash by moving into a slower lane safely and letting the car behind you pass. Maintain a healthy distance from other cars in traffic. Although this doesn’t save you from crashing into someone but surely helps in minimising the damage. A practical way to break the . 

Failing to Indicate - Before making the next move on the road, one needs to flash their lights to indicate which direction they’re headed in. However, most drivers tend to take sharp turns and change lanes without such a warning to other cars. The only way to prevent a possible disaster due to this lack of caution by other drivers is to maintain a safe distance from other cars. When you are changing lanes or decide to make a turn, make sure you turn on the indicator lights at least 100ft in advance. 

Overtaking - Driving is a skill, mastered over time with practice. This doesn’t mean that car drivers can read each other’s mind.Don’t always assume that the car behind you would wait for your signal or permission to overtake. Drivers might change lanes without indicating, creating an enormous risk for everyone else on the road. Always try to maintain a brisk speed while driving and overtake only when it’s safe. 

Honking - Honking incessantly is nothing but a nuisance. Understand that sounding the horn is to make everyone aware of your presence on the road. However, refrain from overusing it. Before you honk away, ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Drivers overdo it without even realising that it’s a and can be avoided altogether. 

Applying sudden brakes - Applying brakes at the very last minute is a practice that one should avoid. It isn’t a fuel-efficient driving habit as it puts an unnecessary burden on the engine’s performance. Braking is an integral skill for driving safe. Try to be smooth, applying an even pressure for at least 80% of the braking distance will keep you safe anywhere as this makes you predictable. 

All in all driving safely is about being as predictable as possible on the roads, if you allow others to know what you’re going to do next they have enough time to make their decision on what to do next. 

There you have it, some of the worst known driving habits and how you can turn them into good habits for your car. It is said that what gets measured, can be improved. So how about having a device that helps you know driver behaviour? Yes, it’s all possible with the smart tracking device Tigon ONE! It plugs into the OBD port of your car which monitors driver behaviour for you. Through its Android and iOS app which tracks driving habits, Tigon informs the user about overspeeding, hard acceleration, sudden braking, sudden lane changes, sharp turns, and long idling instances in real-time. What else do you need, right? Connect with us on or call us on 1800 102 3271 to know more. 

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