Make it Simple

Get live notifications for every move your car makes.

Make it Easy

Plug and Play installation using the OBD-II Port. 

Wireless. Discreet. Safe.

Make it Tigon

Live Smart. Amplify Safety. Stay Innovative

Over Speeding

Set custom Overspeeding Limit

Unauthorised Access

Set custom times for vehicle inactivity and get alerted when someone tries to gain access to your vehicle in that time

Hard Acceleration

Get notified when your vehicle acceleration rate is higher than normal

Sudden Braking

Know when your vehicle stops in a shorter distance than usual

Bad Lane Change

Get notified when excessive lane cutting takes place

Sharp Turn

Get alerted when your car take a sharp turn


Get notified when you car crosses a virtual boundary


Get notified when your device is unplugged


Know if your car is being towed

Long Idling

Set Idling limits for your car

Low Battery

Get a Low Battery warning in advance

High Coolant Temperature

Know when your car is overheating